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Dear music lovers, when you buy our music, you are helping us to release new songs in the future. We are a very independent band and like so many others we have to fight for our place in the music scene. So thank you in advance for your support! With lots of love and a big donut. Benny & Kathleen.

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Out now! Our first single! Everlasting Happyland (radio edit)
It's a shortened version of the full song you'll find on our first vinyl EP due out on 17 February 2024.

On 11 November 2023, Everlasting Happyland played their official full-release gig to introduce their first single. The clip from the video is a snippet of their second single. Venue: Rock Café Oude Markt Leuven.

On 18 March 2023, Everlasting Happyland played at Biebob Vosselaar. A great evening with many other cool bands. Thanks Foxfeesten for the invitation. We'll meet again! Also a big thank you to our loyal fans! Your support is heartwarming. "Our love for music is a big donut!"

Snippets from the try-out rehearsal performance on September 3, 2022 at their home studio.
ELHL played six songs: Why - Feel - Bones - Coming - Look -The Light

Aug 2019.

Everlasting Happyland plays Pump Up The Jam ... a STUBRU contest...


A side path, purely for the contest, fun and experimentation, this too is Everlasting Happyland!

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