Alternative • Avant-garde • Artrock

[AAA-performance guaranteed]


The space between the words
Can easily isolate
The reality in blanks
Customize the hate
All the unexpressed
Completely out of control
Becomes the poetry
Of the ordinary


Climbing on the rooftop

Forgetting her glamorous years
Looking at the moon

Who says: “come home,

Dolly my dear”
She ‘s ready to leave

This planet of grief
Belief me

Release me
Forgive me

I can’t be the woman

You all see
In me.

ELHL plays Diligitis

An exceptional concert.

The story lines of their songs are visualized by improvisation dance
by Nana Urwa. And video art
by Joli.

"A simple story told.
Although not gently.
Turns out to be.
A great philosophy."

Everlasting Happyland plays Pump Up The Jam ... a STUBRU contest...

Elke muzikant heeft zo zijn inspiratiebronnen en/of invloeden. Bij ELHL zijn dat ongetwijfeld: PJ Harvey - Bjork – Nick Cave – The Cure – David Sylvian – Massive Attack – TC Matic – Radiohead – David Byrne – Bowie - Little Trouble Kids - Dead Man Ray - Grinderman - The Sound - The Dead Weather - The Child of Lov - The Kills...