Coming soon: our first single! Everlasting Happyland (radio edit)
It's a shortened version of the full song you'll find on our first vinyl EP due out on 17 February 2024.

ELHL @ studio PANDA Antwerp

4 songs recorded in 1 day!
Demo in a day is a great initiative by recording studio PANDA that we gladly joined.
We were lucky to have Frank Rotthier as our studio engineer. It was so cool to work with him.
Frank understands music - our music - and provided a perfect, although rough mix. A professional, a man close to our hearts!

And the story continues. The rough mixes were of such quality that Frank is going to mix them up - EP- streaming- radio worthy!
We are also extremely pleased that Jens of Larrson Mastering will be mastering the 4-song EP!
So we have unexpectedly found ourselves in a new adventure.

Our first EP is coming.

If that isn't breaking news!


EP release date: 17 February 2024!


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Big donut!

At a consultation with Doctor Trix.

Thanks Thomas for the pleasant consultation.

We are cured!

Let's make some fuss!